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Published Reviews of The Athletic Musician

The Athletic Musician is equipped with excellent diagrams, especially notable for presenting anatomical drawings of the human body in the act of performance. Physiology is never abstracted from the musical situations in which it is used. The Athletic Musician, with its concept of the body as a complete unit, might be regarded as a kind of lifestyle manual for musicians much help and interest to the performer.
Nicholas Matthew, B.A.Oxon , ISSTIP Journal – no.9

The Athletic Musician should be in all music cases school libraries, university book stores, faculties of music…and clinics which see musicians as patients...All good information presented with great diagrams, lots of relevant photographs and many practical tips.
Frances Jamieson, Media Review Editor, Physiotherapy Canada/Fall 1998

The writing is clear and the contents include much I wish I had known years ago.I strongly recommend the book. The book would be a welcome addition to libraries of musicians.
Fred Lipsett, Canadian Viola Society Newsletter,
No.44, pp17-18, Autumn 1999

The orthopaedic physiotherapy approach is very well presented with information about specific exercises, and general physical routines...The Athletic Musician is an excellent book not only for the musician, but for the physiotherapist treating one!
Kelly-Lynn Kavanagh Musico, Physiotherapy Today,
Journal of the Ontario Physiotherapy Assocition.

Comments about The Athletic Musician

This book can literally save your musical career!. Now one can understand where pain comes from and why, but most importantly, one can learn how to get rid of it, or better yet, never get it in the first place! Completely indispensable for every musician and teacher.,
Skye Carman, Concertmaster,

The Athletic Musician is on its way to becoming a required handbook for teachers and performers of music in New Zealand. Since introducing it to many groups here, I've had unfailing enthusiastic reports...The combination of sound technical information and a cheerful, positive approach by both authors make it an important contribution to the on-going education of musicians as well as other performing artists.
Pat Reid, Registered Physiotherapist
Christchurch, New Zealand

This is a book that could save careers! Paull and Harrison have pooled their in-depth knowledge and experience to publish a text invaluable to musicians everywhere. And unlike other volumes on the subject, it's a refreshingly easy – at times even hilarious – read! A must for all musicians’ libraries!
Dr. Robert Skelton, Professor of Violin/Chamber Music,
University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

This is probably the best book of its type. A superb guide to injury prevention for all practical musicians.
Dr. David Young, Academic Registrar, 
Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, England

The Athletic Musician should be in all music cases, school libraries, university bookstores, faculties of music, music teachers' bookshelves and clinics which see musicians as patients. 
Frances Jamieson BSc., MCSP
Physiotherapy, March 1999/vol 85/no 3.