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The Athletic Musician: A Guide to Playing without Pain is an innovative book designed to teach musicians how to prevent and manage injuries, presented in a unique format that combines sound medical protocol with a musician's point of view. The authors discuss the magnitude of the problem of musicians' injuries in general, referring to statistical surveys, and then discuss the emotional and psychological impact of injury on the individual musician. They describe in layman's terms orthopaedic physiotherapy and the athletic approach to musicians' injuries, examining each area of injury in turn, from neckache, backache, and shoulder pain to arm, wrist and hand problems.

The Authors, Paull and Harrison, suggest that musicians should regard themselves as elite musical athletes and protect themselves from injury by following athletic training protocols, including warm-ups, stretching, cool-downs and postural corrections. The Athletic Musician presents research-based, scientific material in a format that is relevant, clear, and practical for all instrumentalists.

Playing Without PainThis comprehensive book takes a new look at a difficult issue from both a medical and a musical perspective, making it an indispensable guide for all musicians and the health care professionals who aspire to help them.
Order from the publisher:
Scarecrow Press Inc.
4720 Boston Way,
Lanham, Maryland, USA ,20706
Tel:1-800-462-6420 Fax:(301)459-2118

Copies can also be obtained at the Stouffville Musicians' Injuries Clinic,
1100 Davis Drive, Unit #22
Newmarket, Ontario
Canada L3Y 8W8