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News & Notes - Awards Celebration - August 2005

The Award of Distinction is granted to a physiotherapist who has advanced the protection of the public interest through exellence in practice. Candidates are nominated by the physiotherapy community. This years recipient, Barbara Paull, has made an outstanding contribution both th the profession and to the people of Ontario. A physiotherapist since 1957, she has taken her clinical experience and embarked on a path of innovation and creativity in the prevention and treatment of musicians' injuries. She has also co-authored a book on the subject, "The Athletic Musician". In addition, Barbara is an enthusiastic volunteer, mentor and presenter of her work throughout the world.

Barbara Paull and Christine Harrison together present the Playing Without Pain workshop for musicians and are co-authors of the book
The Athletic Musician.

Christine Harrison, left, the strings consultant.

Barbara Paull M.C.S.P., M.C.P.A., right, the Clinic Director, has concentrated on orthopaedic physiotherapy in many different clinical settings for over 30 years and is currently a consultant, clinician and lecturer.


Barbara Paull, Clinic Director, left, receiving the Professional Contribution Award - External, from the Ontario Physiotherapy Association. This 1999 Recognition Award is presented by the OPA President, Ms. D. J. Chrysler, right, and Ms. G. Liu, centre, President of the Scarborough District.




Christine Harrison is a freelance violinist and teacher working in Toronto, Canada. She has performed with various symphonic, chamber and theatre groups.

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